Smart Otaniemi webinar: Novel technologies for improved operational reliability 7.11.2019

Date and time: Thursday 7 November 2019 at 15.00-15.45
Duration 30 min + Q&A 15 min


This webinar focuses on Operational reliability in smart energy systems and added value from novel technologies. The experts from Softability and Vincit will introduce Remote support and Artificial intelligence solutions. In addition, VTT provides insights into how to assess benefits of such technologies.

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Prof. Dr. Sami (Abdul Samad) Kazi specialises in strategic roadmapping and implementation action planning for different industrial sectors. His main focus is on smart cities, intelligent buildings, and innovation ecosystems.



Helena Kortelainen works as a Principal scientist in Smart Energy and Industry systems at VTT. Her research work aims at developing knowledge-intensive asset services and support for decision making along the asset life cycle.



Juha Asunmaa works as a Business Unit Director at Softability Oy. He is responsible for the XR business Unit focusing on the remote support solutions. In addition to the remote support solutions the business unit delivers augmented, virtual and mixed reality applications.



Sami Suominen, Director, AI Works at Vincit. In Vincit Sami leads AI business and participate in data and business unite projects as a consultant. From his previous career he has 15 years experience in analytics development as an academic researcher, consultant and in-house roles.