Smart Otaniemi webinar: EEBUS – the global language of energy? 28.4.2020

Smart Otaniemi webinar “EEBUS – the global language of energy?” was held on Tuesday 28 April 2020. You can watch the recording here.  Presentations can be viewed via following links: general presentation,EEBUS The Global Language for Energy in IoT, Energy Management: the example of the Audi e-tron.


Do you know what is EEBUS and how it might change the business models in the field of energy? Join the next Smart Otaniemi webinar “EEBUS – the global language for energy – best practice example Hager Energy Management with Audi e-tron” on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 2pm (EET) to hear more!

The energy grid is becoming more flexible and decentralized, while additionally electromobility emerges as a new major consumer. This requires a seamless information exchange between producers, the energy grid and the individual devices in the buildings right through to the car. EEBUS connects the various industries with a manufacturer-independent language, and thus creates a global language for energy. With EEBUS, the Smart Grid gets a counter part in the building and EEBUS devices become part of the new energy grid.

Join the webinar on 28 April at 14:00-15:00 (EET) and find out why leading industry players – from car manufacturers to municipal utility companies – work together with the EEBUS Initiative e.V. for creating interoperability in the energy domain


Niklas Arpula from KEO GmbH, a software company specialized in making devices and systems “speak” EEBUS and a founding member of the EEBUS Initiative, shares insights in the EEBUS standard, it’s current status and where it’s heading.

Marc Helfter, Disruptive Innovation Director at Hager Group, presents the Hager philosophy for energy management from an example project with Audi for developing an EEBUS-based Home Energy Management System for effortless integration of EVs with the building and grid.

Sanna Öörni,  Smart Otaniemi Co-creation Manager.