Smart Otaniemi seminar 13.6.2019

Smart Otaniemi seminar

was kept on Thursday 13 June 2019. Thank you for all who joined!

The event was streamed, recording is available here. You can load the event materials from the links below.


Opening session

Let’s rediscover energy! – Antti Ruuska, Co-Creation Manager, VTT
Achieving innovation excellence in ecosystems – Jan Segerstam, Development Director, Empower
Smart Otaniemi – Springboard for Global Smart Energy Monopolies – Tatu Koljonen, Executive in Residence, Aalto University
City of Espoo – forerunner in sustainability – Elina Wanne, Advisor for sustainable development, City of Espoo
Major challenges create major opportunities – Kalle Kantola, Vice President, VTT
Smart Energy Finland Program – Helena Sarén, Program Manager, Business Finland


Enabling technologies, data platforms and connectivity

5G Future X Research lab – test environment for 5G use case development – Seppo Hämäläinen, Principal Innovator, Nokia
Evolving energy system requirements – Petri Hovila, Research Program Manager, ABB
Enablers for Smart Otaniemi – Seppo Horsmanheimo, Principal Scientist, VTT


Flexibility markets, energy business concepts

Winds of change − value arising from flexibility – Jukka Rinta-Luoma, Specialist, Fingrid
Leveraging flexibility for both value and availability – Jan Segerstam, Development Director, Empower
Energy services for the future – keep the customers happy – Jussi Puranen, Lead Specialist, Väre
Smart energy new business models – Klaus Känsälä, Principal Scientist, VTT


Building level intelligence and improved energy efficiency

Sustainable Development at Aalto University Campus – Antti Säynäjoki, Project Manager, ACRE
Demand side management and energy efficiency pilot in the City of Helsinki public buildings – Timo Määttä, Project Manager, City of Helsinki/EKAT-project
Prosumers and hybrid energy systems – Markku Virtanen, Professor of Practice, Aalto University


Smart mobility and electric vehicles

First e-mobility pilots in Smart Otaniemi – Marko Paakkinen, Senior Scientist, Project Manager, VTT
Ensto smart EV charging – Marjo Kurri, Service Design Manager, Ensto (not present in the seminar)
The Most Effective Accelerator of Individual E-Mobility: Quick Connectors – Raphael Giesecke, Director, Partnerships and Innovation, Parking Energy Ltd


Closing session: Smart Otaniemi network and next steps

Flexens and Smart Energy Åland as a cooperation opportunity – Berndt Schalin, CEO, Flexens
The way forward – Pia Salokoski, Chief Funding Adviser, Business Finland and Sanna Öörni, Co-Creation Manager, VTT