What is in Clean Energy Ministerial for the Finnish companies?

I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in the CEM preparatory meeting in Chile just recently. As a newbie, I wanted to wholeheartedly understand what the CEM is about and how we can use this platform in a more effective way to support Finnish companies in their international business.

First lesson – valuable contacts and a place to affect energy-related policies

The participants – 26 member countries – account for about 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and 90% of clean-energy investments worldwide. The participants often represent respective ministries and are therefore very valuable contacts in promoting projects and technologies. In addition, the CEM heavily supports the role of the private sector as a driver. Private sector partners are encouraged to provide high-level policy input as well as practical expertise.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for us to have an ongoing dialogue with Finnish companies in order to be able to promote good policy principles. Companies could also be more active with their showcases in the CEM meetings to get the full attention of this valuable network.

The simplest way to utilize the CEM platform is to familiarize yourself with the vast amount of publications produced by CEN initiatives and campaigns.

Second lesson – initiatives and campaigns offer an excellent channel for business networks and increased visibility

Under CEM, there are 14 ongoing long-term initiatives to accelerate the adoption of clean-energy solutions and technologies. Additionally, there are 8 short-term campaigns to catalyze the public and private sector.

In Energy Supply and Systems Integration sectors, Finland is participating in the 21st Century Power Partnership, International Smart Grid Action Network, and we are following the Regional and Global Energy Interconnection initiative. The 21st Century initiative supports the transformation of the global power sector. As an example, the initiative has helped Mexico with its clean-energy management framework to implement the deployment of renewables, smart grids and distributed generation. The Smart Grid initiative aims to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter, cleaner and more flexible electricity grids around the world.

We also participate in the Power System Flexibility as well as Long-term Energy Scenarios for the Clean Energy Transition campaigns. The flexibility campaign supports governments and industries in creating more flexible energy systems, whereas the scenario campaign focuses on improved use of energy planning models and scenarios.

In the Energy Demand sector, Finland is participating in the Electric Vehicle and EV30 campaign. The target is to accelerate the use of electric vehicles worldwide, and support this development by policy work, electrification of public transportation, and grid integration. Additionally, the target is to identify 100 EV-friendly cities around the world.

The “Equal by 30” campaign is a cross-cutting theme. The target is to close the gender gap in the energy sector by encouraging public and private sector organizations to work towards equal pay, leadership and opportunities for women in the energy sector by 2030. Most of the Finnish companies have equality policies in use. By participating in this campaign, companies will achieve global visibility. It is worth noticing that the best practices will be brought to the attention of ministers in the annual CEM meeting. Read more and join here.

Third lesson – no guts, no glory

The next CEM meeting will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from May 27th to May 29th, 2019. Firstly, the CEM meeting will provide participants a high-level policy dialogue and sharing of best practices to help accelerate the transition to a low carbon future. Secondly, the meeting will provide international collaboration opportunities in clean energy innovation and the adoption of clean energy policies and practices. Additionally, there is an opportunity for public-private engagement to build cooperation among industry, government, and civil society to scale up clean energy around the globe.

In Finland, we have lots to offer in the field of Smart Energy. CEM is an excellent platform for networks, visibility, influencing regulation and legislation, brand building, business contacts, etc. I would love to see more Finnish companies and their solutions as showcases within CEM. Let’s consider together whether CEM fits in with your growth plan and how to proceed in practice.

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