Webinar: AI for Sustainable Energy and Heating 31.5.2022

May 31st 2022, 14:00 – 16:30 (EEST, UTC +3)
Online, Zoom

Organizer: FCAI

Europe is working harder than ever towards sustainable and self-sufficient energy systems.

Data-based AI methods have already proven their usefulness in forecasting energy consumption and optimizing the use of renewable energy sources. In this webinar, we explore the possibilities of AI for improving operational efficiency in the energy sector. We will discuss data-based AI methods for both electric power systems and district heating – and it is worth noting the ongoing sector coupling that is bringing these fields closer together.

Confirmed speakers include: Kari Mäki, Research Professor, Energy Systems, VTT; Pekka Wartiainen, Senior Data Scientist at Caruna; Vikas Garg, Professor at Aalto University & FCAI, and Co-Founder at YaiYai; Antti Solonen, Data Analytics Team Lead, Leanheat by Danfoss, Docent, LUT University; Tuomas Paaso, Research Team Leader, Machine intelligence, VTT.

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