Three new pilots launched in Smart Otaniemi

Smart Otaniemi ecosystem has been running nearly one year since summer 2018. In the 1st phase eight pilots are working in topic areas of energy flexibility, intelligent buildings, smart mobility, enabling technologies, data platforms and connectivity. 2nd phase got recently financing decision from Business Finland and three new pilots are ready to start. See below where the new projects focus!


WP9 Novel integration of prosumers and hybrid energy systems

The digitalization of the energy system is quickly changing the energy landscape from the integration of renewables to smart energy systems and smart-ready buildings. Demand response enables end-users to participate actively in energy markets and profit from optimal price conditions of heat and electricity, making the grid more efficient and contributing to the integration of excess heat as well as renewable energy sources.

WP9 develops and demonstrates high-potential applications leading towards zero emission RES and storages. The project focuses on various innovative approaches such as user-centric individual mobile control of indoor climate and advanced demand response control strategies for building systems based on modelling, machine-learning  and real-time measured data.

Acre/Väre pilot case aims at developing intelligent demand management of the newly built energy system, primarily targeting educational building. The control algorithms developed will be adjustable to different situations and different flexibility targets, even though emphasizing the energy flexibility and cost minimization of real estate operation.

Other pilot cases, which are in pre-planning phase, aim at developing and analyzing integrated energy system solutions for buildings and neighborhoods at early design phase. A more in depth aim is to analyze alternative heat exchanger technologies for intermediate deep and deep boreholes and their impacts on thermal dimensioning and long-term performance of BTES fields. Research results obtained are serving the planning of local energy systems for near future pilots.


Partners: Aalto University, VTT, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Acre, Assemblin, Equa Finland, Fortum, Halton, Granlund, Salusfin,  Qheat, Tom Allen Senera, Elcogen, Basso Building Technologies, Muovitech, Kesko, Bonava


Pilot leader:
Markku J. Virtanen, Professor of Practice, Aalto University
+358 40 576 9306


WP10 World’s most silent refuse collection

In this project a silent refuse collection is developed and piloted. Key elements in the silent operation are a full electric truck with an electric refuse collector and new ways to decrease noise during trash can handling. Refuse collection with an electric truck decreases energy consumption and emissions, and enables new ways for operation. The refuse collection is piloted in the Helsinki city centre using the electric vehicles’ charging station in Hakaniemi. Project partners are NTM, manufacturer of the refuse collector, Motiomax, manufacturer of electric actuators for the refuse collector, HSY, the producer of the waste management service, and VTT.


Pilot leader:
Pekka Rahkola, Senior Scientist, VTT
+358 40 546 9088


WP11 Operational reliability in smart energy systems (OREL)


Operational reliability in smart energy systems (OREL) pilot aims at ensuring reliable operation of smart energy systems by enhancing lifecycle management with novel technologies. Emerging technologies like augmented/virtual reality, support for remote presence and IoT solutions could offer solutions for more efficient operation and maintenance practices. OREL pilot will study the lifetime impacts of such technologies on the operational reliability of the energy system. The life cycle management framework, methods and tools with practical examples will published as a guidebook for decision makers, technology providers and critical infrastructure owners and operators. OREL industrial partners include Arisense, Agiler, Elenia, Vincit and Softability.


Pilot leader:
Helena Kortelainen, Principal Scientist, VTT
+358 40 726 2977