Take a trip to the future with Tripsteri App’s Smart Otaniemi tour

…and find out more about tomorrows energy solutions!


Where do we get sustainable and cost-efficient energy in the future? The Finnish innovation hub Smart Otaniemi has answers. Smart Otaniemi is an ecosystem supporting innovations related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart grids.


The current partner network represents multiple sectors from ICT to energy utilities, service providers, technology vendors and real estate owners. Companies vary from startups to big corporations – everyone sharing the same long-term energy vision and mission to make energy future smarter.


Tripsteri’s Smart Otaniemi tour takes you on a trip to future sources of energy: for example, to the Aalto University discipline of art and design Väre, which is equipped with a state of the art geothermal heating and cooling system capable of supplying almost all of the heating and cooling energy for the complex; and to ST1 Deep Heat, the first geothermal heating facility and the deepest hole in Finland. The tour also introduces one of the leading technology research organizations in Europe, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.