Leaping towards human-centricity

For the past couple of months the world has been adapting to new ways of working, communicating and doing business. The pandemic changed the human behavior in one night, and in all of a sudden, we learnt how to digitalize our everyday life, slow down and live our lives without traveling. This demonstrates perfectly, how change is often not about the technology, systems or machines: it is about people.

In energy sector, the consequences of corona virus will turn out over time, and might be something that we cannot even imagine.
It is clear, that energy research and development can no longer be as technology-based as it used to be. Only a human-centric approach can provide us innovations that will become real game-changers.

In energy transition, the work is always done for the next generations – for the world after us. It is intriguing to imagine, what our children and grandchildren and their children will value when they grow up. Do they appreciate the mobility as much as we do? Are they more willing to share resources with their peers? Perhaps they live simultaneously in physical and virtual reality and have digital twins of their selves? What they want us to invent?

Naturally, there are no answers to these questions, but we keep them in mind when we are looking for new pilot projects and collaboration opportunities, and hope that the curiosity will lead us to
untraveled paths.