Insights into Smart Otaniemi 2020

Year 2020 is just around the corner, and it is time to have a look into the future of Smart Otaniemi – what is important, what are we focusing on, and where things are going?


The year of internationalization

It is well known, that giving up fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy production sets new requirements for energy systems all over the world. To tackle the challenges, global co-operation between different platforms, companies and ecosystems is crucial. In 2020, one focus point in Smart Otaniemi operations will be target driven increase of international co-operation, and expanding the ecosystem across the borders.

“Since the beginning, one of our main goals has been to generate international business in the field of smart energy. To reach the goals we have set to ourselves, and to make Smart Otaniemi even more impactful and attractive, we need to focus on international co-operation,” says Smart Otaniemi Co-Creation Manager Sanna Öörni.

“The smart energy landscape is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the changing business environment, and the doors are open for innovations regardless of the origin. This is a great chance for any business to scale up”, she continues.

New piloting phases about to begin

During the first two years of its existence, Smart Otaniemi has made a leap from idea level to an active, well-functioning platform for smart energy innovations. First two piloting phases have gathered over 70 different organizations under Smart Otaniemi umbrella, and 11 piloting groups are currently working on world changing solutions. As the first two piloting phases are in a good swing, it is time to kick off the third and fourth. This time the emphasis will be on geothermal modeling, flexible energy systems and smart buildings, not to forget the aspect of internationalization.

“The application period for the third piloting phase just ended, and it is great to see how the interest towards co-creation just grows and grows. At Smart Otaniemi our aim is to bring different actors together and to generate opportunities for growth through co-creation, and it is inspiring to realize, that so many organizations are willing to work together to speed up the adaptation of climate-neutral energy solutions”, Smart Otaniemi Project Manager Ismo Heimonen sums up.

Another milestone for the ecosystem will be reached later in 2020, when the first piloting phase ends. The first pilots have had a great impact on setting up the Smart Otaniemi ways of working, and acted as trailblazers for the following projects.

Solving puzzles and finding answers

Great amount of ideas and initiatives have moved forward this year, but many tricky puzzles still remain unsolved. The immaterial property rights and ownership of data remain a hot topic, which means that building data strategies and finding answers to questions related to immaterial property will be on top of the Smart Otaniemi to-do list in 2020.

The first opportunities to utilize the regulatory sandbox are arising as well, which brings the ecosystem yet a new layer. Smart Otaniemi has been considered as an exquisite location for small-scale testing of innovations under regulators supervision, and the first chances for piloting in a controlled regulatory framework will hopefully see daylight soon.