Digital Smart Otaniemi builds up layer by layer

While the ecosystem and the innovation hub is evolving, the needs for digital infrastructure are not diminishing. The initial results of the IDBM project with Aalto students indicate three-layered solution for Digital Smart Otaniemi.


By this far, the students have defined three specified layers of digital solutions that should exist in digital Smart Otaniemi: Display and Discovery, Collaboration, and Data. All three should be included in the digital infrastructure, but the use is different.

Display and discovery layer covers the needs for marketing and branding, education and information sharing aspects and bringing out the value proposition of the network. The collaboration layer concentrates on the action level of networking, enabling the collaboration between the different members and co-creation with users in testbeds and living labs. The third layer of the Digital Smart Otaniemi brings out the possibilities of data, data exchange, open data and different kind of digital twins.

Focusing on opportunities and fair use of data

While looking at the opportunities in data, the two principles in the core of Smart Otaniemi collaboration are beyond dismissal. First, the practices of data-use comply with highest levels of secure and ethical use of data. This includes following the laws and regulations but also transparency and equitability in all data-related decisions. The second principle is sustainability in its all forms and creating win-win-win situation to members in fair and open manner.

Data is with no doubt one of the key elements in Smart Otaniemi and in the development of the whole ecosystem. In the area and within the collaboration networks there are already many examples of using data for developing new products and services as well as for the sustainable city planning. For instance, the co-operation with Nokias LuxTurrim ecosystem and development of the Zero Emission Mobility Hub in Otaniemi.

Multiple approaches enable versatile results

To bring together the many parallel projects, development operations and testbeds, a digital model is needed. Work for data platforms and catalogues and marketplaces is under development. The different members of Smart Otaniemi have different approaches to world of data – for example the City of Espoo brings the need for citizen engagement to the table.

One option to invite the citizens to co-create is to use the MyData principles and tools. By clear privacy and data sharing options, citizens like students of Otaniemi area can by sharing data participate to creation of smart urban solutions in the area.

The work of the IDBM students is very valuable for Smart Otaniemi, and until end of May the Digital Smart Otaniemi team will continue to develop their digital model. Digging deeper into some of the testbeds and projects in Smart Otaniemi and reflecting on possibilities through benchmarking, the team aims to find the top-notch solution, that can be alter implemented in practice. Final report will be celebrated at the end of May.

The project is led by City of Espoo, VTT, Nokia and Kone. Read more on IDBM>>