Better life through smart buildings and flexible energy systems

In WDBE 2020 pre-event Smart Otaniemi gets company: together with top experts from KEKO ecosystem, we will have a look at the latest developments in the field of energy in smart buildings. How, for example, building level flexibility and its different applications will improve the quality of living? Or what is the role of users in developing building level intelligence?

KEKO ecosystem was formed at the end of last year to seek answers for big questions related to smart buildings. It aims to shape a global standard for smart building platforms to create a safer, more fluent and productive built environment. Formed by leading Finnish companies from the connectivity, people flow, construction and building technology industries, just to mention few, the ecosystem has enormous multidisciplinary repository of knowledge and experience of building data, digital solutions and indoor environments.

In many ways KEKO and Smart Otaniemi go hand in hand: not only when it comes to aims of making the industry more sustainable and finding solutions for global challenges, but also in the human-centric approach. Better buildings and energy systems are essential for solving systemic challenges like climate change, but understanding the needs of the end-user is inevitable to be able to make usable solutions.

In the pre-event, we have a privilege to hear presentations from Caverion’s Vice President, Head of Digital Tuomo Härkönen, Nokia’s Reliability Engineering Manager Olli Salmela and Granlund’s Technology Director Ken Dooley. After the presentations, the speakers will be accompanied with Miimu Airaksinen, CEO of Finnish Association of Civil Engineers and Helena Sarén, Head of Energy of Business Finland, for a panel discussion.

By this far, WDBE 2020 pre-events have already engaged professionals of the built environment from 47 countries around the world. The pre-event is free of charge. For more detailed agenda, please visit the event page here.


Text: Tytti Nikunen, VTT