AI in Grids webinar 20.11.2020

AI in Grids webinar was organised together with our collaboration partners Think SmartGrids and Business Finland. The webinar offers a fresh view to AI in smart grids in Finland and France. Check the recording of the event in Smart Otaniemi YouTube channel and load the materials here.


Welcome and short introductions to Think Smartgrids and Smart Otaniemi
Tytti Nikunen
, Moderator of the webinar, Specialist, VTT
Valérie Anne Lencznar, Managing Director, Think SmartGrids
Sanna Öörni, Co Creation Manager, VTT


Key notes:

State of art in AI for grids
Vincent Debbuschere
, Institut University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble INP, G2Elab
Ilkka Lakaniemi, Research Director and VP, Business Development, Aalto University

Use cases from DSOs
Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data and AI, Helen
Jean Philippe Poirrier, Department Head, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialization, Enedis

Use cases from SMEs
Michel Morvan, Executive Chairman, Cosmo Tech
Olli Parkkonen, Head of Business Development, Nuuka Solutions

Use cases from Nokia
Liana Ault, Energy Innovation lead, Nokia


Panel discussion and Q&A