Enabling Technologies: AI & DLT/Blockchain


The main energy system related challenges addressed in SmartOtaniemi WP3, via R&D on application of artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technologies (DLT), are:

Transitioning from centralized energy system towards distributed energy system for improved reliability, resilience and cost efficiency.

Enabling and motivating passive consumers to become active prosumers.

Increasing share of renewable energy production by allowing demand–side flexibility.


WP3 is working on AI & DLT/Blockchain technology based enablers for prosumer-driven multi-level modelling and energy optimization (prosumers, building, district, …). The more specific goals include:

AI-based prediction of energy production and consumption on different levels of the energy system.

DLT/Blockchain enabling dynamic and real-time energy markets and flexibility control trade transactions.

AI-based optimal and efficient energy and flexibility management.

AI & DLT/Blockchain toolkit for Smart Otaniemi stakeholders.

Identifying technology-driven recommendations towards policies and markets.


WP3 has identified a shared longer term vision on energy system transition towards distributed prosumers-driven smart energy system, which requires new kinds of stakeholder interaction, interworking socio-cyber-physical systems architecture with new AI & DLT based enablers for prediction and control. The intermediary results include:

Deep Neural Networks (DNN) based 24h ahead forecasting model of district heating and electricity demand based on weather forecast for Otakaari 4.

Local PV solar power generation modelling & Forecasting ongoing using hierarchical double-stage AI-based approaches.

Check the pilot poster here.

Pilot partners

Aalto University




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Senior Project Manager
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