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New technologies enable new types of business, and we have several pilot projects to identify and develop enabling technologies for future business opportunities. For example, we are researching the use AI and blockchain applications in the energy domain.

Flexible local market frameworks

We unlock the business potential of flexible and distributed production in the energy sector. To do this we are establishing a flexible local market framework for smart energy ecosystems in which we can test new business models.

business pilot

Aggregator businesses offer services to customers based on data and services collected from other suppliers. We have a pilot project demonstrating an aggregator business model with a fully working value chain from device to market level.

EV charging

We are developing flexible new services for EVs (electric vehicles). To do this, we are developing an EV charging infrastructure connected to a smart energy grid. We will use this test environment to pilot new autonomous and electric vehicle technologies, as well as system level integration.

Platforms and

We are building a common hybrid information platform for data collection and management in Otaniemi. We will use this as a test and validation environment for rapid prototyping of new 5G and IoT services for smart buildings. This work will create the foundations for future standardization and modular solution development.

Underground thermal
energy storage

As part of our research into smarter living we have a pilot project that focuses on ways to store seasonal heat and cold for use throughout the year. The project uses heat pumps and underground thermal storage to provide heating and cooling for a new building.

Building level

We are working on ways to capture business opportunities created by energy transition in the real estate sector. Using building level intelligence, we find ways to improve energy efficiency, sustainability and user satisfaction. Any new solution must be economically optimal for real estate portfolios, which is why we are also studying which kinds of investments will yield the best rewards: energy efficiency, renewable energy production, storage or flexibility.

New pilot projects are launched every six months. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming activities.

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