Smart Otaniemi

Smart energy solutions
for a better world

Mission: Creating a smarter future together.

Turning ideas into action – opportunities into business.

At Smart Otaniemi, we’re renewing the way research and development is done, and we’re pushing the boundaries of new energy technology. With Finnish hi-tech excellence we’re building the foundations of future standards. We create more sustainable world through pilots involving everything from AI and blockchain, to aggregator business models, smart EV charging infrastructure, and 5G and IoT services.

Our four focus areas:

Local flexibility

Demand response and virtual power plants

– Maintenance and operations

– Storages

Smart mobility

Charging of vehicles

– Autonomous transportation

– Transportation system

Building level intelligence

Smart buildings

– Energy efficiency

– Heating and cooling

Platforms, connectivity and enabling technologies

Data sharing and analytics

– Connectivity

– Cybersecurity

– AI and blockchains

– Modelling and simulation


Energy is essential for good living. In Finland, we’ve combined education and innovation to turn our country into a high technology success story. This success has taken us to the forefront of energy. Now Smart Otaniemi is looking at new possibilities for renewing the energy sector, with new types of cooperation between sectors and stakeholders, and new ways to create sustainable growth.