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Three new pilots launched in Smart Otaniemi

Smart Otaniemi ecosystem has been running nearly one year since summer 2018. In the 1st phase eight pilots are working in topic areas of energy flexibility, intelligent buildings, smart mobility, enabling technologies, data platforms and connectivity. 2nd phase got recently financing decision from Business Finland and three new pilots are ready to start. Check out where the new projects focus!

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Smart Otaniemi seminar 13.6.2019

Smart Otaniemi has been live since summer 2018. Welcome to Smart Otaniemi seminar on Thursday 13th June 2019 to hear what we have learnt and gained during the 1st phase and what we will focus in the coming months. Check the agenda here and join in!

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Smart Otaniemi Road Show Lahdessa 6.6.2019

Liikenne sähköistyy vauhdilla myös Lahden seudulla – miten Sinun yrityksesi voi olla osa muutosta?


Tilaisuuden tavoitteena on miettiä yhteistyömallia, jonka avulla myös Lahdessa voitaisiin edistää henkilö-, joukko- ja tavaraliikenteen sähköistymistä yhteistyössä kuntien, yritysten sekä tutkimusorganisaatioiden kanssa. Katso seminaarin tarkempi ohjelma täältä ja ilmoittaudu mukaan.

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Welcome to re-discover energy – Smart Otaniemi Newsletter 1/2019

1st Smart Otaniemi newsletter is out, check it here! Smart Otaniemi newsletter will keep you up-to-date concerning pilots’ news, events, opportunities and latest results. If you didn’t receive the newsletter directly to your mailbox, order it here. Welcome to be part of our innovative forerunners’ team for energy!

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ACRE – Your partner in developing smart and sustainable campus

Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) has a central role in Smart Otaniemi as they manage buildings of Aalto University in the Otaniemi campus area. Because many Smart Otaniemi pilots need and produce data linked to buildings and its users, you’ll probably bump on the name ACRE, if you are piloting your solution in Otaniemi. They are also leading the underground thermal energy storage pilot.

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EV charging infra will be integrated into energy grid this year in Smart Otaniemi

Much discussed integration of electric vehicles into energy system will be tested first time in Finland in Otaniemi during autumn 2019.
“We will learn how it works, what it requires and how it can be scaled in the future”  says Marko Paakkinen, a Senior Scientist at VTT, who is managing the Smart EV charging pilot in Smart Otaniemi innovation ecosystem.

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Smart Otaniemi and EKAT-project now in co-operation!

Smart Otaniemi and EKAT-project (Energiaviisaat kaupungit) starts co-operation. More information to come, stay tuned!

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Smart Otaniemi webinar 17.1.2019

Smart Otaniemi webinar was kept on Thursday 17 January 2019. Watch the recording of the webinar here and load the materials from here.

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