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AI in Grids webinar 20.11.2020

AI in Grids webinar was organised together with our collaboration partners Think SmartGrids and Business Finland. The webinar offers a fresh view to AI in smart grids in Finland and France. Check the recording and load the materials here.

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Smart Otaniemi webinar: Future of Sustainable Batteries 1.12.2020

What solutions we have to find and resolve in order to tackle the problems and needs related to batteries? Join us for discussion on this topic on 1 Dec 2020 at 3pm (EET) with top-notch specialists!

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See Smart Otaniemi 1st phase results!

The first Smart Otaniemi pilots are now finalized, and we want to thank all of you who have participated in Smart Otaniemi activities and brightened up our journey during the first two years! To summarize the piloting achievements, we made a result video that will share some insights on the Smart Otaniemi future as well. Read more on Smart Otaniemi newsletter 4/2020 and find the video in our youtube channel.

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Smart Otaniemi WDBE 2020 Partner session 29.9.2020

During the WDBE 2020 we will present the results of the first piloting phase both in the
Smart Otaniemi Partner session on 29 Sept and in the virtual showroom during the whole summit on 29-30 Sept. Come and share your views on the future of smart energy!

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Smart Otaniemi & KEKO WDBE 2020 pre-event: Building level intelligence and flexibility. 10.9.2020

Smart Otaniemi and KEKO ecosystem joined their forces in this event where top-notch specialists from both ecosystems shared their views and visions on this topic! Check the recording of the event here.

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Results of first Smart Otaniemi pilots presented at WDBE 2020

In the Smart Otaniemi partner session at WDBE main event on 29 September, the first Smart Otaniemi pilots are in the limelight. As the time is not favorable for face-to-face gatherings, the seminar is, amongst other things, serving as a platform for sharing the results and celebrating milestones achieved during the two-year piloting period.

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Better life through smart buildings and flexible energy systems

In WDBE 2020 pre-event Smart Otaniemi gets company: together with top experts from KEKO ecosystem, we will have a look at the latest developments in the field of energy in smart buildings. How, for example, building level flexibility and its different applications will improve the quality of living? Or what is the role of users in developing building level intelligence?

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Smart Otaniemi joins WDBE 2020 in September!

We are proud to announce that Smart Otaniemi will be participating the World Summit on Digital Built Environment 2020! Smart Otaniemi will arrange two events within the summit, check details here!

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Leaping towards human-centricity – Newsletter 2/2020

Smart Otaniemi newsletter 2/2020 is out, check it here! Smart Otaniemi newsletter will keep you up-to-date concerning pilots’ news, events, opportunities and latest results. If you didn’t receive the newsletter directly to your mailbox, order it here.

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Next levels of Smart EV charging – electrification of commercial transport and machinery

During the first two years of Smart Otaniemi Smart EV charging pilot, the team has successfully developed new charging methods as well as EV charging models and aggregation plans, but has also faced setbacks with engaging real estate owners and investors and found out that there are new questions emerging all the time as the electrification keeps evolving. It has become clear, that there are multiple things to develop in the field.

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