Let’s re-discover energy

Energy is essential for good living. Global energy demand keeps growing, and so do energy related carbon dioxide emissions. To change this course, we need to reinvent energy production and consumption by creating smarter solutions for industrial use and for everyday life.

Improving energy efficiency and making buildings smarter is a challenge that needs to be solved. Our aim is to find solutions that make energy production and consumption smarter, improve life quality and are economically viable. It requires close co-operation with citizens, companies and researchers - smarter future will be created together.

Energy Communities and Local Flexibility
Virtual Power Plants and Digital Twins
EV's and Smart Charging
Smart Grids
Building Level Intelligence
Sector Integration


Smart Otaniemi is enhancing the cooperation between sectors and stakeholders seeking for sustainable growth. Interested in smart energy? Contact us!
Sanna Öörni
Sanna Öörni
Co-Creation Manager, VTT
+358 40 842 0898 sanna.oorni@vtt.fi
Ismo Heimonen
Ismo Heimonen
Senior Scientist, VTT
+358 40 560 5180 ismo.heimonen@vtt.fi
Elina Wanne
Elina Wanne
Development Manager, City of Espoo
+358 40 552 4209 elina.wanne@espoo.fi
Matti Lehtonen
Matti Lehtonen
Professor, Aalto University
+358 50 411 4579 matti.lehtonen@aalto.fi