Data & Connectivity

Intelligent data platforms and connectivity are needed to enable information exchange between different business sectors and systems. 5G has opened new communication opportunities for industrial systems, but the challenge is to fully exploit data platforms and 5G technology to develop cost-efficient and scalable data services across all business domains.

At Smart Otaniemi, top-notch digital infrastructure is being developed in collaboration with companies and research institutes. Real time data, safe and secure platforms and data instructed test beds for research and piloting are key enablers of smart city innovations.

5G Technology
Safety and Security
Smart Data and Enabling Technologies
Data Platforms


Smart Otaniemi is enhancing the cooperation between sectors and stakeholders seeking for sustainable growth. Interested in data and connectivity? Contact us!
Sanna Öörni
Sanna Öörni
Co-Creation Manager, VTT
+358 40 842 0898
Emmi Kauhanen
Emmi Kauhanen
Development Manager, City of Espoo
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Riku Jäntti
Riku Jäntti
Professor, Head of Communication Engineering Department at Aalto University
+358 50 597 8588