Circular economy is the key to sustainable societies

Linear economy is testing the capacity of our planet, and we need to change the direction. Waste and pollution can be significantly reduced by sustainable design based on the circular economy principles - in addition, smarter decisions in design phase often save money and create new business opportunities.

At Smart Otaniemi, we aim to create systemic circular solutions needed for a sustainable future.

Identifying system level value gaps and opportunities in business and technology.
Understanding the environmental impacts, regulative boundaries and material and value flows at the system level.
Innovating and developing disruptive circular-by-design concepts and operations, as well as piloting and demonstrating new concepts.
Creating new business and up-scaling the local solutions to global markets.

Our circular economy projects aim for creating new collaboration between public and private sector by piloting new solutions and services in real environment. The collaboration model supports new business and gives the city residents better premises for maintaining sustainable lifestyle.

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Smart Otaniemi is enhancing the cooperation between sectors and stakeholders seeking for sustainable growth. Interested in circular economy? Contact us!
Inka Orko
Inka Orko
Co-Creation Manager
+358 400 966 884
Reetta Jänis
Reetta Jänis
Development Manager, City of Espoo
+358 40 551 9484
Satu Kankaala
Satu Kankaala
Head of Business Development and Sustainability, Aalto CRE
+358 40 053 5919
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