Welcome to the brand book of Smart Otaniemi.

Safety zone and modifications

The height of the “I”-letter works as the safety zone of the logo. Please do not modify or distort the logo in any way.

The icon

The Smart Otaniemi mini logo is used as icon, eg as social media, favicon. The downloadable package includes dark grey / yellow, dark grey and white versions. The file formats are png, svg, and pdf.


The use of typography is very straightforward. The only typefaces that are to be used are Georgia and News Gothic. They are found on most computers today.


Georgia is used in big headings, News Gothic has a supporting role. Longer texts can also be set in Georgia for better legibility.


Georgia is mainly to be used in Regular weight (400), the exception being bolding in paragraph text.


Smart Otaniemi uses a simple, main colour palette. The green and yellow is to be used as only main colours.

The main colours

The use of green and yellow is usually very generous. In digital applications, text is set in off-black, the background is off-white, if not coloured.

The main colours are

Green #4CCA79
Yellow #FFD639
White #F2F2F2 (pure white #FFFFFF)
Dark grey / Off-black #333333 (pure black #000000)

Full colour palette

Whenever needed, more colours can be added from the full palette. The secondary colours should be used sparsely, eg in graphs, illustrations, or tags. The small, center dots in the image above shows which colour combinations are acceptable from an accessibility standpoint. Dark color should always be combined with white text and vice versa.

Use in graphs

In graphs, it is preferred that colours are picked from only from as few colour groups as possible.


Icons are an important part of the Smart Otaniemi "look". The primary version are the yellow one and black ones. Use the white ones only when necessary. The file formats are png, svg, and pdf.

The silhouette is an image that ties together the main focus areas of Smart Otaniemi. The file formats are png, svg, and pdf.


A custom PowerPoint template is available. The template includes a selection of slides and icons, arrows, and other elements. A separate version is available for ZEM HUB.

Brand Images

Brand images are constantly produced for Smart Otaniemi. This is the first set, photographed in early 2021.