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Challenges and solutions for smart grid – addressing the value of solutions for operational reliability

Helena Kortelainen | VTT

Reliable electricity supply is essential for the modern interconnected society. The digitalization is quickly changing the energy landscape. The electricity grids are becoming “smart” and this transition will introduce a variety of novel technologies that could help the network operators in their efforts to improve the operational reliability of the electric power system. However, the real impact and the value of such solutions to the network asset owners, operators, contractors and maintenance service providers is anything else but easy to calculate.

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How to develop 2000 meters deep geothermal heat well and confirm its function?

Mikael Maksimow | QHeat

This is exactly what we at Quantitative Heat Oy are set to do in Smart Otaniemi programme. During the last years we have done a huge amount of research and simulations and developed a working hypothesis of how 2000 meters deep geothermal heat well would behave in real estate heating and cooling.

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Jokaisen toiminnalla on vaikutusta!

Jussi Puranen | Väre

Sähkö on läsnä elämässämme ja jokaisen kodissa. Se on itsestäänselvyys. Sen läsnäolo huomataan vasta silloin, kun sitä ei olekaan. Se, miten sähkö sinne pistorasiaan hiipii, onkin jo vähän monisäikeisempi juttu.

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Greening the grid brings new balance of power to energy sector

Anna Kulmala | VTT

The world is undergoing an energy transformation. Government leaders, businesses and civil society agree that a sustainable future means shifting to low-carbon electricity. Or more simply, if we want to stop warming the planet we have to stop burning non-renewable things. But what does that mean for the energy business?

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What is in Clean Energy Ministerial for the Finnish companies?

Helena Sarén | Business Finland

The Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) is a high-level global forum to promote policies and programs that advance clean energy technologies, to share lessons learned and best practices, and to encourage the transition to a global clean-energy economy.

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Smart Otaniemi – an open playground for energy innovation

Kari Mäki | VTT

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